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Michalovce Krakow transfer used vehicles

Personal vehicle / Minibus

Michalovce Krakow

Personal vehicle / Minibus

1 - 7


3h 45m


Stops as needed

Free water

Slovak, English speaking driver

Private transfer, no one else is in the vehicle with you

One-Way Journey
from 219.90 €

Price for the whole vehicle

Transport to your address

Departure at any time

Luggage in vehicle capacity

60 minutes of waiting free

• Vehicle type: passenger vehicles in 3 categories (economy, comfort, premium) and minibus (XL - extra large) - we are offering a solution for our clients (passenger vehicle/minibus) when ordering by mail/phone
• Luggage: within the capacity of the vehicle, if you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us
• Car seat: absolutely free of charge, when ordering online, please choose it in extra section or inform us in advance
• Animals: can only be transported in a shipping box up to 25kg, when ordering online, please choose it in the extra section or inform us in advance

Taxi Michalovce Krakow

Our private transport service offers a number of benefits for your journey between Michalovce and Krakow or vice versa. Enjoy a comfortable and safe journey with a range of exclusive benefits!

osobné vodizlo

1. Entire vehicle included

The possibility of filling the entire capacity of the vehicle. Driver is also included.

čakanie na prestup

2. No more connections

We will take you from your front door to your final destination. Travel made easy.

odchod kedykoľvek

3. Departure at any time

We assure you that we are available 24/7 and offer nonstop service no matter when you travel.

bezpečnostný pás

4. Safe driving

Our drivers have driven to the locations we offer dozens or hundreds of times.

Michalovce Krakow transfer in Škoda SuperB
Airport transportation

Transport to Krakow airport from Michaloce

From Michalovce to Krakow with Košice Transfer means a comfortable and carefree transfer directly to the airport terminal. Thanks to the excellent accessibility of the main roads, the journey is smooth and without unnecessary stops, with an estimated journey time of around 4 hours.

Travel carefree

Our commitment to your satisfaction ensures that you get a truly world-class experience.

More about Krakow Airport

John Paul II International Airport Kraków

Thanks to its strategic location, Kraków John Paul II International Airport has established itself as a major aviation hub for international clientele. With a wide choice of flights from top air carriers, this airport is a popular destination for travellers from Slovakia.v

To the whole of Europe

Connections by air to locations across the European continent and neighbouring countries.

John Paul II International Airport Krakow
route michalovce krakow

Transfer Michaoce Krakow airport

Krakow, the former capital of Poland, is a treasure trove of history, art and architecture, and is home to many important monuments, including Wawel Castle and the ancient Town Square. This itinerary offers not only a comfortable journey between two major cities, but also the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of Central Europe.

Are you late? Never mind!

Up to an hour of waiting is completely free. We're also the only one to offer you the option to insure yourself against possible delays, avoiding waiting fees.

not just to the airport

Transfer with a car or minibus available NONSTOP

Your transport will be provided by a car or minibus, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You determine the time and place of departure, while we guarantee arrival on time. With us, you travel exclusively in your own company or with your group, which opens up possibilities for trips not only to airports, but also to city centres, surrounding areas or other destinations.

Michalovce Krakow vehicles used for transfer

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