Large Group transportation kosice

Rent Bus with driver in Košice

Bus with Driver and minibus transport in Košice from KosiceTransfer offers reliable and comfortable transport for larger groups. Ideal for trips, events, weddings and corporate events. Our modern and safe vehicles guarantee comfort and smooth running of every journey.

Transport of Groups Kosice

Reliable transportation for groups on trips, events and corporate meetings. Comfortable vehicles for maximum comfort.


Transportation of smaller groups of up to 9 people


Comfortable transport for medium-sized groups


Transportation for large groups to anywhere


Comfortable transport for large groups of passengers

Van Vehicles

Comfortable transport for smaller groups from Košice and surrounding areas, ideal for short and long journeys.

Mercedes V-Class

Transportation of smaller groups of up to 9 people in Mercedes Vito vehicles. We offer comfort and safety for airport transfers, trips, weddings or corporate events. We guarantee a hassle-free journey.

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Our vehicles

Mercedes Vito Tourer


8 Seats

Number of Vehicles

3 Available Vehicles

Microbus V

The perfect solution for medium-sized groups, providing comfortable and efficient transportation from Košice and the surrounding area.

Mercedes Sprinter (20)

Transporting groups of up to 20 people with Mercedes Sprinter vehicles is ideal for events and trips. Our modern and spacious vehicles guarantee a comfortable and safe ride. We will ensure that your journey is pleasant and carefree.

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Our vehicles

Mercedes Sprinter


20 Seats

Numbe of Vehicles

2 Available Vehicles

Microbus Vehicles

Spacious transport for larger groups for trips and events, also available from Košice and surrounding areas.

Mercedes Sprinter (29+1)

Transporting groups of up to 30 people with a Mercedes Sprinter will ensure comfort and style on every journey. Our spacious vehicles and professional chauffeurs will offer you a hassle-free experience for trips, events or corporate functions.

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Our Vehicles

Mercedes Sprinter


29 Seats

Nubmer of Vehicles

2 Available Vehicles

Bus w Košice

Reliable bus hire for large groups, providing a comfortable journey to anywhere from Košice and surrounding areas.

Man Lion's Coach (55)

Transportation by bus with a capacity of up to 55 persons, anywhere in the EU. Enjoy your journey in comfort and with plenty of space. The ideal solution for trips, events or corporate events, with flexibility and comfort for long and short routes.

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Our Vehicles

1x Man Lion's Coach


55 Seats

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Request a free quote for bus or minibus rental as well as other services. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

Slovak bus transport

Bus transport Košice and Prešov

Our services are available in Košice and Bratislava. Our website offers comprehensive services in bus transport and bus transport Košice. We provide a wide range of services, including bus transport Košice, bus reservation, and Slovak bus transport. Our international bus transport ensures comfortable travel abroad. We also provide transport to all nearby airports. Utilize our extensive experience in transportation for your satisfaction.

For schools, we offer school trip bus booking and school trip bus. If you are planning a trip with friends or family, we have trip bus for you. On our website, you will find a clear section for bus transport price and a detailed bus transport price list, where you can find all necessary information.

Our buses on order are ideal for various events, including buses for school trips and school trip bus price. For longer routes, we offer reliable long-distance bus transport. If you prefer privacy, private bus transport is also available.

We also offer bus rental for various occasions. Whether you need bus rentals for a wedding or a trip, we have a solution for you. Our wedding bus rental service ensures comfortable transport for your guests. With bus rental with driver price and bus rental with driver, everything is taken care of. The exact bus transport price is available on our website.

For various needs, we have bus for rent and flexible bus rental price. Our offer also includes bus rentals for various events. If you are planning a wedding, we offer wedding bus rental.

Our service also includes school bus for safe transport of children. For group trips and sports events, we offer passenger bus transport. Our buses are also ideal for ski trip by bus, ensuring comfortable and safe travel for your group.

Our company is your reliable partner in bus transport. Visit our website and take advantage of our professional services!

Minibus, mikkrobus, minivan, 9-SEATER VEHICLES

Minibus transport Košice and Prešov

KošiceTransfer offers comprehensive solutions in bus transport and minibus transport. Our company provides a wide range of services, including minibus rental for various occasions. Whether you need minibus rental for family events, corporate meetings, or other events, we are here for you.

In our offer, you will also find minibus transport and minibus rental for both small and large groups. For customers in Košice, we offer minibus Košice and minibus rental Košice, where you can easily reserve a vehicle according to your needs.

If you need reliable transportation with a driver, we have minibus rental with driver for you. For larger groups, 20-seat minibus rental is ideal, providing ample space and comfort. Our minibus transport is suitable for various types of trips and excursions.

Our services also include minibus rental Košice, where you can choose from different vehicles. A clear minibus transport price allows you to quickly and easily determine transportation costs. Our minibus transport and minibus transport focus on your satisfaction and comfort.

For those seeking flexibility, we offer minibus for rent and minibus rental price, tailored to your needs. In our offer, you will also find minibus rentals and 9-seat van for smaller groups and short trips.

For longer journeys and trips abroad, our international transport ensures comfort and safety throughout the journey. With minibus transport from KošiceTransfer, you are guaranteed quality and reliability on every trip.

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