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The fleet of KošiceTransfer vehicles is ready to meet all your transport requirements. Whether you need economy, comfort, XL or premium category, our vehicles are ideal for every occasion. We offer car rental with a professional driver, whether for business, family trips, or even for a wedding.

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What kind of vehicles do you take with us?

At our company, we understand the diversity of our clients' needs, which is why we offer vehicles divided into four categories: economy, comfort, XL and premium.

economy vehicle category

An affordable yet comfortable solution

vehicle category comfort

Take your travel to the next level

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Extra Large (XL)

Group transport when 4 seats are scarce

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Luxury transport for the most demanding clients

Economy vehicles

Efficient and Economical Solution - The ideal choice for those looking for an affordable and practical solution

Economy category

If you're looking for an affordable but still comfortable transport option, our Economy category is the ideal choice. Vehicles in this category are modern, economical and ideal for individuals or small groups who need efficient and reliable transportation.

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Our vehicles

Škoda Octavia, VW Golf
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Comfort vehicles

Comfort and Quality - Vehicles in this category offer a higher level of comfort and are ideal for longer journeys

Comfort category

For those who prefer a higher level of comfort, our Comfort category provides the ideal balance between luxury and price. These vehicles offer more legroom, ensuring comfortable travel even for longer distances.

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Our vehicles

Opel Insignia, Škoda SuperB
komfortná preprava osôb košice comfort kategória

XL Vehicles

Space and Flexibility - The perfect choice for groups or when transporting large amounts of luggage

XL Category

Our XL category is specially designed for large groups or families. These vehicles are larger and offer plenty of space for a larger group of people along with their luggage. Ideal for family trips or group events. Suitable for transporting more than one person.

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Our vehicles

Ford Transit, Mercedes V-Class
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Premium vehicles

Ideal for business trips, VIP transport or special occasions. These vehicles offer the highest level of luxury and elegance.

Premium category

The Premium category is for those who seek the highest standards of luxury and elegance. The Premium category is the pinnacle of what we offer in private transportation. With vehicles equipped with premium seats and interiors that guarantee complete comfort and privacy.

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Our vehicles

BMW 5 Series
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