Frequently Asked Questions

During transportation

Is there any pause while driving?

For each transfer, one stop on the highway (gas station) is planned, where you can buy something or use the toilet.


If you need another stop, please do not hesitate to inform the driver during the transfer.

Before buying

Is it also possible to transfer at a time other than the one indicated?

For information about departure at a time other than the time specified on the website, please contact us.

How can I pay for transportation?

Payment on our website is only possible online (by payment card), we do not accept any cash payments.

What happens if I don't buy an extra suitcase?

If you fail to fulfill your obligation and arrive with a suitcase that is not included in your fare, you will be able to pay a surcharge on the spot for extra luggage (online payment), but only if it is capable possible. Otherwise, it will not be possible to transfer this suitcase.

Before departure

What luggage can I take with me?

One hand luggage (up to 10 kg, 40x25x20 cm) and one suitcase (up to 20 kg) are included in the fare.

Where can I find a driver at the boarding points?

Details about boarding at the airport in Budapest and Košice

What happens if I can't find the driver / stop?

One hour before departure, each customer gives contact details to the driver, whom they can contact if necessary. In the event of any delay or changes during transportation, we will inform you via the phone number you entered when ordering.

If you have questions about the location of the boarding point, please contact our infoline.

How long does the transport take?

The transfer takes an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes (2h:30m), unfortunately we cannot guarantee this time, as unpredictable events may occur during the transfer (an accident on the highway, traffic jam, …). We therefore recommend that you leave a sufficient time reserve, especially for the route Košice - Budapest.