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Humenne Krakow transfer used vehicles

Personal vehicle / Minibus

Humenne Krakow

Personal vehicle / Minibus

1 - 7


3h 0m


Stops as needed

Free water

Slovak, English speaking driver

Private transfer, no one else is in the vehicle with you

One-Way Journey
from 219.90 €

Price for the whole vehicle

Transport to your address

Departure at any time

Luggage in vehicle capacity

60 minutes of waiting free

• Vehicle type: You can choose from passenger cars in three categories - economy, comfort and premium, as well as minibuses (XL - extra large). Simply send us your order by email or phone and we will provide you with the optimal solution for your needs (passenger car/minibus).
• Luggage: Your luggage will fit into the capacity of the vehicle for free. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about luggage transport.
• Car seat: We provide car seats absolutely free of charge. When ordering online, simply tick the option in the "extra extras" section or inform us in advance of the need for a car seat.
• Animals: If you wish to transport a pet, this is only possible in a special transport container weighing up to 25 kg. When ordering online, simply tick this option in the "extra extras" section or inform us in advance that you will be transporting a pet.

Taxi Humenne Krakow

Travelling with KošiceTransfer between Humenné and Kraków can be associated with several benefits and advantages. Here are some possible benefits you could expect.

osobné vodizlo

1. Entire vehicle included

The possibility of filling the entire capacity of the vehicle. Driver is also included.

čakanie na prestup

2. No more connections

We will take you from your front door to your final destination. Travel made easy.

odchod kedykoľvek

3. Departure at any time

We assure you that we are available 24/7 and offer nonstop service no matter when you travel.

bezpečnostný pás

4. Safe driving

Our drivers have driven to the locations we offer dozens or hundreds of times.

Humenne Krakow transfer in Škoda SuperB
Transportation to the airport

Transport to Budapest airport from Humenne

Reliable transfer directly from your door to the airport terminal with Košice Transfer. Make sure your journey is comfortable and stress-free. The journey from Prešov to Kraków provides excellent connections to Kraków Airport, thanks to good road accessibility. Most of this route runs via main roads, ensuring a smooth journey without unnecessary delays with an estimated journey time of around 4 hours.

Travel comfortly

Our high standards and emphasis on customer satisfaction mean you can expect only the best.

More about the destination krakow

City Krakow

For the people of Humenne, travelling to Krakow is an extraordinary adventure full of contrasts. While Humenné is a quiet town with a small-town character, Kraków is a vibrant centre full of historical monuments, squares and cultural events. For Humenites, it's an opportunity to lose themselves in the narrow streets of the Old Town and admire the majesty of the Royal Wawel Castle.

Wide connection possibilities

This city offers not only a rich history but also air, train and bus connections throughout Europe.

Reliable choice

Transfer Humenne Krakow

People often choose Krakow as a destination for their travels, especially when going on holiday, to visit family or for work. Krakow, with its rich history and cultural heritage, attracts tourists with its charm and atmosphere.

Vacation? To see family? Business trip?

We offer reliable solutions for your travel needs - from holidays to family visits or business trips.

not just to the airport

We will take you anywhere, anytime NONSTOP

You have just found a reliable partner for your transport in the Košice and Presov region. Contact us for further information and planning of your journey. We are here for your comfort and satisfaction.

Humenne Krakow vehicles used for transfer

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