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Humenne Kosice transfer used vehicles

Personal vehicle / Minibus

Humenne Kosice

Personal vehicle / Minibus

1 - 7


1h 15m


Stops as needed

Free water

Slovak, English speaking driver

Private transfer, no one else is in the vehicle with you

One-Way Journey
from 114.90 €

Price for the whole vehicle

Transport to your address

Departure at any time

Luggage in vehicle capacity

60 minutes of waiting free

• Vehicle type: passenger vehicles in 3 categories (economy, comfort, premium) and minibus (XL - extra large) - we are offering a solution for our clients (passenger vehicle/minibus) when ordering by mail/phone
• Luggage: within the capacity of the vehicle, if you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us
• Car seat: absolutely free of charge, when ordering online, please choose it in extra section or inform us in advance
• Animals: can only be transported in a shipping box up to 25kg, when ordering online, please choose it in the extra section or inform us in advance

Taxi Humenne Kosice

The Košice Transfer service provides you with a wide range of transport benefits. With our professional services, you can expect efficient and reliable transportation solutions for a variety of needs.

osobné vodizlo

1. Entire vehicle included

The possibility of filling the entire capacity of the vehicle. Driver is also included.

čakanie na prestup

2. No more connections

We will take you from your front door to your final destination. Travel made easy.

odchod kedykoľvek

3. Departure at any time

We assure you that we are available 24/7 and offer nonstop service no matter when you travel.

bezpečnostný pás

4. Safe driving

Our drivers have driven to the locations we offer dozens or hundreds of times.

Humenne Kosice transfer in Škoda SuperB
Airport transportation

Transport to Kosice airport from Humenne

Reliable transfer directly from your door to the airport terminal with Košice Transfer. Make sure your journey is comfortable and stress-free. The road from Humenne to Košice provides excellent connections to Košice Airport

From / To Your Home

Our experienced drivers will pick you up directly from your home and ensure a safe and pleasant transfer directly to your destination.

Information about airport košice

Kosice International Airport (KSC)

With this airport, Humans have access to diverse destinations where they can discover exotic places, relax on beaches or explore the culture of other countries. In summer, when the holiday season arrives, this airport becomes an important hub for travellers looking for a quick and efficient way to reach their favourite holiday destinations.

Holidays begin and ends with Kosice Transfer

No worries, fussing about parking and annoying family or friends.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
a person waiting with a suitcase at the airport
Quality guarantee

Transfer Humenne Kosice airport

We provide transportation of people at an excellent price with a passenger car or van. Our service is focused on providing comfortable and affordable transportation for individuals and groups. With our reliable drivers and comfortable vehicles, we will ensure a safe and pleasant transfer to your destination.

Not just to the airport

Transportation not only to the airport but also to the city center and its surroundings, which offers various attractions that are worth visiting.

not just to the airport

A car or minibus available NONSTOP

In our service, where we offer a multi-seater van, we guarantee you a comfortable journey, especially if you are a large family. With our reliable multi-seater vehicles, you have plenty of space for the whole family and their luggage, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free transfer to your destination.

Humenne Kosice minibus and car

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